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Aditya Agarwal:

Thank you sir for helping me redefine the meaning of billiards as well as snooker in me. After going through all the commandments that you have made for all of us it just made me realize how things have to be worked out and why they have to be worked out on the table and off the table. I should term myself lucky that i got the chance to play with you and learn more than i could grasp out of anything else. It’s just that you helped to me play good and right snooker and i will purely follow what was taught to me personally as well as through these teachings. Thanking you once again for making me believe in myself again. Waiting for more to learn.


Col E J Sanchis:

This “Merchant of Mumbai” is spot on. Dreams and Desires and Commitment to top it all. Motion is put into effect by desire, passions, and inclinations. It is desire, along with belief, that motivates action. Desire is a strong feeling, worthy or unworthy, that impels to the attainment or possession of something that is, in reality or imagination,  within reach - a desire for success.


Desire has three components – thought, emotions and drive – which together have the potential to result in action. To the ego, success is satisfaction of its desires. Life rarely does conform to our desires, even when we do everything that is supposed to bring us what we desire. That doesn’t keep the ego from desiring and pursuing what it desires. Having desires and dreams gives the ego something to do. It gives our life structure. What will I do today? I’ll go after what I want. If life isn’t about desire-fulfillment, then what is it about?

Where does the “ego” factor come in? Can you shed some light, Yasin?

Col E J Sanchis


Brijesh Damani:

Thank You Yasin so very much for making that bit of difference in my game since I have started reading your articles..... just that believe in myself AGAIN and knowing that what I'm aiming for is not unreachable.....

Perhaps its best suited for all those like me who are working and do not have the luxury of a sponsor.... that even if it is for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon still we should be up for it and make those 2 hours really count.

awaiting many such more inspiring things from the REAL KING of INDIAN SNOOKER


Devendra Joshi:

Its a fantastic story ("Commitment is the key to success") which should change the mindset of the upcoming youth who seem to know everything in the sport. The total disregard for practice and lack of dedication is the reason why Indian cue sport takes such long interval in producing Champions. We are still waiting for another Pankaj to emerge. Don't know when we would get one!


Col E J Sanchis:

Dear Vivek,

Yasin Merchants Musings is a good step to motivate young cueists. "Dare to Dream" was a well manicured piece. The Dreamers of yesteryears were focused and endowed with a lot of patience and dogged determination as they existed in an environment which was not too demanding on their physical and mental faculties.


Today, the World scenario in Snooker calls for a high degree of accuracy and flawlessness. Having witnessed the World U 21 in Goa and followed the results of the World Snooker Championship in Thailand, I feel our youngsters are far far behind in their technique and focus. There is not a single star rising on the horizon. It is evident from the fact that you still have the young oldies ruling the roost. Century breaks are very rare in our Nationals and other tournaments. Probably, there was not a single century break in the last Junior Nationals. snooker is a game which calls for focus and sound technique which improves accuracy and tenacity which makes one stand up and fight against all odds. Focus can be developed, tenacity is an inborn trait whilst technique calls for guidance and honest and proper coaching. Unfortunately our coaches speak different languages and have different opinions on the approach to the game. To develop world beaters one needs to put the youngsters under progressive guidance and there seems to be no proper programme existing in the Federation. The "ifs and buts" come to the fore immediately.


By the way as a passing shot, there are many resources and dreamers in pool parlours too. If a Geet Sethi or a Yasin Merchant drops by it would do a world of a difference to the playing culture. Just a wild thought this.

Keep up the good work !
Warm regards,
Col E J Sanchis


Iqbal Khakhu:


cheers :)



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