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Shocking first round exit of Aditya Mehta from The World Games 2017


Photo Credit: WPBSA

India’s only professional player, Aditya Mehta shockingly ouster from The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw after losing his first knockout match in pre-quarter final stage 1-3 against the home favourite Kacper Filipiac.

In each frame, Aditya gave a good start but failed to convert most of them into frame winning breaks. On the other-side, Kacper was quick to grab the chances to seal frames in his favour.

In third frame, Kacper however, failed to confirm a pink pot in centre pocket that allowed Aditya to score 48 points break to return into the game, but once again Kacper made a match winning 88 points break to knockout defending champion Aditya Mehta in very early stage of the competition.


Wroclaw :: 26 July 2017




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