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Indian Cue Masters League launched; 25 stars picked during team formation


The first-ever Indian Cue Masters League, to be held from August 19 to 25 in Ahmedabad, was formally launched where India's ace men and women cueists, Pankaj Advani and Vidya Pillai were also present.

The League, which offers a total prize money of ₹50 lakh, will feature five teams: Gujarat Kings, Chennai Strikers, Hyderabad Hustlers, Bengaluru Buddies and Delhi Dons.

The League will feature a shot-clock of 15 seconds for each shot, with a 10-minute for each frame. It hopes to not only bring entertainment to the fans but to also inspire them to take up the sport in a big way.

Total 25 players are picked during the players’ draft, with Icon players at $15,000.

The inaugural season is to be played in Ahmedabad from August 19 to 25 and the matches will be broadcast live on Sony ESPN from 1800 hours till 2030 hours.

On the launch, Pankaj Advani expressed his delight at the launch of the League and declared that it would be a huge hit in the country. "India has many highly talented players but they haven't had the platform to showcase their skills till now," he said. "A format like this will excite the fans and I see it becoming a very popular sport very soon," he added.

BSFI President Capt. Mohan was understandably excited too. "It is a matter of huge pride for us that we are able to host a league of our own. This will not only raise the profile of the game but also make it financially strong. I am sure Cue Slam will be a great experience for, both, the fans and the players."

Vidya, who, like Advani, will turn out for Chennai, said this would be a wonderful opportunity for every cueist, and more so for the women players.

"I am optimistic of, at some point of time, having a separate league for women on these lines. It is so exciting!" she said.

The teams formed are:
Gujarat Kings: Andrew Pigget (Icon), Alok Kumar, Brijesh Damani., Daria Sirotina, Sourav Kothari.
Chennai Strikers: Pankaj Advani (Icon), Dharminder Lilly, Vidya Pillai, Faisal Khan, E. Pandurangaiah.
Hyderabad Hustlers: Amir Sarkhosh (Icon), Kamal Chawla, Amee Kamani, Lucky Vatnani, Anuj Uppal.
Bengaluru Buddies: Darren Morgan (Icon), Laxman Rawat, Sundeep Gulati, Anastasia Nechaeva, Varun Madan
Delhi Dons: Kelly Fisher (Icon), Manan Chandra, Laura Evans, Pushpender Singh, Malkeet Singh.

Hyderabad :: 26 July 2017




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