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Rupesh missed final berth - settle for bronze;

Sourav also claims bronze


Three-time world champion Rupesh Shah narrowly missed the final berth of WBL Billiards (Long up) Championship 2017 at Leeds, England.

In semi-final match played last night, Rupesh was placed against David Causier of England and certainly it remained most exciting match of the day where both contested neck-to-neck till the last moment of play where Rupesh fall short by 47 points and settled for bronze.

In the #RaceTo1250 Single Game semi-final, Rupesh was constantly crafting breaks to dominate in the game. He scored 89, 66, 203, 148, 51, 67, 94, 86, 84, but from the other end, Causier equally complimented to stay in contention having breaks of 140, 160, 148, 93, 114, 52, 86. However, towards the end, Causier controlled well and moved ahead with 47 points victory. (1250-1203)

In second semi-final, another Indian player, Sourav Kothari also settled with bronze after losing to Multiple time world champion, Peter Gilchrist of Singapore 1250-432.

During the play, Peter made breaks of 105, 180, 138, 244, 141, 84, where Sourav could manage break of 209.


Leeds, England :: 01 November 2017




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