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Team India A wins the Asian Team Snooker 2017

Pankaj Advani & Laxman Rawat blanked Md. Bilal and Babar Masih to lift the title for India


Gold Medal Winners: TEAM INDIA A:
(L-R) Malkeet Singh; Pankaj Advani; Laxman Rawat

Team India A comprises of India’s ace cueist Pankaj Advani and young stars Laxman Rawat, Malkeet Singh lifted Asian Team Snooker Trophy for the year 2017 at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In the final they registered convincing 3-nil over Team Pakistan 2.

Team Captain, Pankaj Advani, started the first frame and won that in one-sided affair scoring break of 83 points to take 1-0 lead over Team Pakistan. His companion in the match, Laxman Rawat also played commendable game of snooker and sealed next frame 133-0 scoring two breaks of 38 and 73 to enhance the lead by 2-0.

In the doubles there was slight chance for Pakistan but after taking 45 points lead, Mohammad Bilal missed a long pot that resulted in a fine break by Laxman Rawat to return in the game but before he could move ahead, he missed out the pink after last red in top pocket leaving open chance to Pakistan.

However, under tremendous pressure, Babar Masih missed the green after potting yellow and then Pankaj Advani play a controlled swerve shot to pot the green and an excellent long pot for brown to come back in game. Further he cleared the Blue and Pink to give a fist-pump to celebrate India’s victory.

Medal Ceremony with ACBS officials

TEAM INDIA A: (L-R) Laxman Rawat, Pankaj Advani, Coach Ashok Shandilya (Indian Coach), Malkeet Singh




Bishkek :: 05 July 2017




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