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Ashar wins 1st leg of UP Open Handicap Snooker Tournament



Today the 1st Handicap Snooker Tournament of 2019 came to an end. The event was organized by Lucknow Cue Sports Association at The Green Baize in Lucknow where the final turned out to be a whimper rather than a bang.

Much was anticipated from the final especially when two of the fastest, aggressive and the most accurate players in city, Ashar Abrar and Taran Agarwal faced off each other, but Ashar on the day was stronger and more determined for Taran.

Ashar’s dynamite combination of break making and safety play left Taran so flabbergasted that he lost all his concentration and was not able to control his nerves. Even though Taran did get many opportunities but he was not able to convert any one of them to a massive break. Ashar, on the other side pounce on every chance and kept the score board ticking.

In the first frame Taran got a chance of clearance on all available colours but missed the simple yellow and also left all open for Asher to clear and win the frame 62-45.

In the second frame Taran required 2 snookers on last red for which he managed to lay snooker that Ashar couldn’t break leaving free ball to Taran. Though Taran come into the game but once again failed to perform under pressure and lost frames over frame. On the other-side Ashar was constantly moving towards the win and nowhere allowed Taram to come into game again and won the match 4-1.

In the prize distribution ceremony, the UPBSA Secretary, Tanuj Kohli gave away the prizes and trophies with a thank you note to all associated with the championship

Lucknow :: 20 February 2019




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