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India returns home from Burma with 9 medals


Indian team for Billiards and Snooker was in Mandalay, Myanmar and returned home after 18 days with 9 medals in the kitty.

Total 6 world championships and one Myanmar Open Billiards been played during these 18 days in which total 29 men and women players represented India. After 18 days of stiff competition Indian team returned with total 9 medals including 3 GOLD.

One of India's most consistent sportspersons, Pankaj Advani pocketed three medals and increased his tally of world titles to 23 by winning final-match of the 150-up format at the IBSF World Billiards Championship, World Team Snooker with his partner Aditya Mehta and a bronze of World 6Reds. However, in World Billiards, Sourav Kothari also bagged bronze being semi-finalists of the championship.

Two athletes lifted their first ever World Championship titles in Myanmar. Of course one is Aditya Mehta who won the World Team Championship alongwith his partner Pankaj Advani and the another one is 27 years old who realized his dream when he defeated former World Champion Muhammad Asif to claim World title.

When Laxman was scripting history, former Asian Women Snooker champion, Amee Kamani also bagged Silver of World Women 6Reds Championship. She played Thai player Nutcharat Wongharuthai and lost 2-4 to settle on silver.

Last four days were reserved for World Team Snooker Championships where apart from the pair of Pankaj & Aditya, another Indian team of Laxman Rawat and Kamal Chawla bagged bronze medal for India.

Both the Masters teams for India, Anuj Uppal & Rafath habib; and Geet Sethi & Cherag Ramakrishnan played each other in the semi-finals and Anuj Uppal and Rafath Habib succeeded to reach finals.

With that team of Geet Sethi and Cherag Ramakrishnan settled for Bronze and the team of Anuj Uppal & Rafath Habib claimed Silver after losing to Thai team.

Overall medals won are:
World Billiards 150 Up 2019: GOLD Pankaj Advani
World Billiards 150 Up 2019: BRONZE Sourav Kothari
World Men 6Reds 2019: GOLD Laxman Rawat
World Men 6Reds 2019: BRONZE Pankaj Advani
World Women 6Reds 2019: SILVER Amee Kamani
World Men Team Snooker 2019: GOLD Pankaj Advani & Aditya Mehta
World Men Team Snooker 2019: BRONZE Laxman Rawat & Kamal Chawla
World Masters Team Snooker 2019: SILVER Anuj Uppal & Rafath Habib
World Masters Team Snooker 2019: BRONZE Geet Sethi & Cherag Ramakrishnan



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