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6th North India Open Snooker Tournament 2018

Sponsor: Tavas Infra Developers

(Tournament carries admissible CSI ranking points)


:: venue ::


The Green Baize

Faizabad Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh



24 September 2018 onwards



:: Last Date of Entry ::

17 Setember 2018



:: Prize Money ::

Winner - 30,000

Runner up - 15,000

Semi Finalist = Rs.7,500 each

Quarter Finalist - Rs.3,000 each

Highest Break (if above 100) :: Rs.5000



:: Entry Fee ::


(Only bona fide residents of J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh)

Maximum 64 Entries for qualifiers will be accepted


ENTRY Via SMS ONLY to Tournament Director :: Tanuj Kohli - 09415020117

ENTRIES STRICTLY FULL NAME (No Pinku, Tinku, Billu etc.)

Send your Entry only by your Mobile and not from Friends or anyone else Mobile




:: For further Information Contact ::

Akshay Kumar - 08979068147

Rajeev Tilara - 09451951795



1. North India Open Snooker Tournament in open only to bona fide residents of J & K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand.


2. The tournament shall be conducted at two venues The Academy and The Green Baize.


3. The two players who represented their state in the 2017 Nationals in the Main Draw shall be seeded. In case a State had a direct entry, then direct entry & No.1 will be seeded. (9 States x 2 Players = 18 Seeded Players) along with last years Winner and Runner Up. 4 seats are reserved for Railways & PSPB (2 seats each) players who have a bona fide North India residence & 2 players shall be selected by Tournament Committee to play the main draw.


4. Incase 18 (State representatives) seeded players are not available then the first 2 vacancies will go to U.P. No. 3&4, the next 2 be available to the qualifiers. Remaining vacancies shall be allotted to the players with highest ranking as per Cue Sports India Rankings (as on the date entry closes).


5. Incase more then 2 entries (each) are received from Railways or PSPB then the two with highest CSI Rankings (as on the date entry closes) will be in the Main Round.


6. Entry Fee shall be Rs. 1200/= payable by all players including seeded players.


7. Qualifiers will be played in a Knock Out Format (Best of 5 frames) and 8 (depending on main draw entries) players will qualify to play the main draw. No referees shall be provided in the qualifiers.


8. Main draw shall be played first in league format (Best of 5) and then knockout format.


9. For re-seeding in the knock out stage all ties shall be broken by a game of chance, no player can play a player of his league group in the first match but can be in the same half. In case of shifting he shall be shifted with a player closest to his seed and the other player shall take his place.


10. No accommodation will be provided.


11. No entries shall be accepted after last date of entry.


12. The tournament committee has the right to change.

  • any player by any wait listed player.

  • the playing table of any match if the need is there. No objections shall be entertained.

  • the playing time of any match if the need is there. No objections shall be entertained.

13. In the league stages players shall refer their own matches. Referee shall be available from Knockout stage only.


14. All the rules of fifteen red snooker shall be applicable. Except the foul and miss shall be restricted to only 2 replacements during the qualifiers. Degree of difficulty shall not be a consideration.



NB: This tournament is being organized by LCSA, Lucknow and has nothing to do with Cue Sports India. This site is only sharing information about the tournament with interested participants/spectators/fans of cue sports on request from LCSA, Lucknow. Website will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of this information and the material contained in this website. However, information is as available with this website and is requested to verify the information before you act upon it by calling the concerned one.


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