Dr B L Arora Memorial-UP State Open 1st Ranking Snooker Championship 2018 - SENIORS


:: venue ::


Alexander Athletic Club

Court Compound, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh



:: Dates ::

05 September 2018 onwards


:: Last Date of Entry ::

28 August 2018



:: Entry Fee ::



Entry via SMS ONLY to Anand Arora: 09837075188









:: Prize Money ::

Winner: 20% of total entry fees

Runner Up: 12% of total entry fees

Semi Finalists: 6% of total entry fees (each)

Quarter Finalists: 3% of total entry fees (each)

Highest Break: 5% of total entry fees




1. Format of the tournament shall be Knockout

2. All matches shall be best of 5 frames while pre quarters, quarter, semi-finals best of 7 frames & Finals best of 7 or 9.

3. The rankings of 2017 shall be used to decide the seeding for the 1st Ranking. Subsequent Rankings shall consider the ranking points accumulated by a player in this year’s series to decide seeding.

4. No accommodation will be provided

5. The tournament committee has the right to change
     i) the playing table of any match if the need is there. No objections shall be entertained.
    ii) the playing time of any match if the need is there. No objections shall be entertained.

6. All the rules of fifteen red snooker shall be applicable.


     i) Dress code shall be semi formal: Formal pants (No Torn Jeans), Single Colored shirt or collared T-Shirts and formal shoes. Any deviation shall be automatic walkover.

    ii) From Quarter Finals the Dress Code shall be formal including waistcoat. (Bowtie is optional but would be preferred.)

8. Delay from 1 to 15 Minutes—1 frame penalty; 15 to 30 Minutes--- 2 frame penalty; + 30 minutes--- Walkover

9. The clock of the venue shall be considered the correct time.

10. No referees shall be provided till round of 32 but one referee for referral will be available at the venue every day.

11. Till the Round of 32 incase 3 (total value of 12) or more snookers are required when only color balls are on the table, the frame shall be awarded to the player with the lead except when the frame is a decider.

12. Referee’s decision shall be deemed final.

13. No pan masala, alcohol or smoking shall be allowed inside the billiard room.

14. Only one 3 minute break shall be allowed after 3rd frame.

15. Point Structure:-
                  WINNER----------- 160
                  Runner Up---------- 110
                  Semi Finalists------ 70
                  Quarter Finalists--- 40
                  For 75+ Breaks---- 11
                  For 100+ Breaks-- 21

16. All players are expected to behave like gentlemen.



:: Contact ::

Anand Arora: 09837075188

Pullak Garg: 09837054818


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