CASA Copenhagen - 7th Indian National 6-Red Championship 2020

Ahmedabad - Gujarat





Amee will meet Vidya in women final; Ishpreet to take on Advani in Menís final



Ahmedabad 10th March 2020:

The final stage for the Casa Copenhagen National 6Red Snooker Championship 2020 is now set. In womenís category, defending champion, Amee Kamani of Madhya Pradesh will take on multiple time national champion and last nationals No.2 Vidya Pillai of Karnataka; and in the menís final also, the defending champion Pankaj Advani will meet youngster Ishpreet Singh Chadha of Maharashtra. This championship is being organized jointly by the Gujarat State Billiards Association & the Sports Club of Gujarat under the auspices of the BSFI.

Former Asian champion and current World No.2 Amee Kamani faced tough competition during her semi-final bout against former World team snooker champion Arantxa Sanchis of Maharashtra. The match went till the deciding frame that Amee won 43-13.

After losing the first frame, Amee played well and pulled out the next two frames to lead 2-1. In the fourth frame, Arantxa sent a strong recovery to level the match again. However, the fifth frame was crucial that Amee lost merely by 2 points to trail 2-3. In those alarming situations, she tightened the string to dominate once again and won the next two frames to secure her berth for the final.

In second semi-final Vidya Pillai entered into the final with a 4-0 whitewash of her opponent Varshaa Sanjeev of Karnataka. The multiple-time national champion dominated in all four frames and kept Varshaa on backfoot throughout.

In the placing matches, Anupama Ramachandran of Tamil Nadu finishes as 5th, followed by Keerath Bhandaal of Delhi and Chitra Magimairaj of Karnataka as 6th and 7th respectively.

In Menís category, the defending champion Pankaj Advani (PSPB) outclassed former World Team Snooker No.3 Brijesh Damani (PSPB) 6-2 to confirm his berth for another final. After alternate frame wins, Advani geared up and pocketed back to back four more frames having the contribution of 35- and 64-point breaks. Though Damani attempted good recovery by sending a break of 65, Advani dominated again and won the eighth frame to close the proceedings 6-2.

The second semi-final clash was between two youngsters, Ishpreet Singh Chadha of Maharashtra and Nitesh Madaan of Railways. Here also, Ishpreet obtained a decent lead of 4-1 which he raised to 5-2 before closing the proceedings 6-3 and confirming his entry into final of National 6Reds second time in his career.