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Billiards, Snooker Cue

CUE is equipment for playing the game of Billiards, Snooker,  Pool, or Carom Bole, and is because these games are categorized as Cue Sports. Cue is used to striking the striker ball or cue ball in these games. There are various types of cues available for Billiards and Snooker viz. Single Piece, Two Piece and Three Quarter but the best one is which suits the individual requirements. Generally, the length of the cue is 57-58 inches. Weight from 17-19 or 19½ ounces. Cues are completely made up of wood. The holding side of the cue is termed as Butt and the striking side is known as the Shaft. The top of the shaft is covered with metal (nearly 1 cm. in length) termed as Ferrule. The basic function of Ferrule is to support Cue Tip. Cue tips are made up of Leather. These all comprise a Standard Billiards / Snooker CUE.