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Shoaib wins Q-Stix 6Reds title

28 February 2021 Written By Vivek Pathak


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Former national junior champion Shoaib Khan of Delhi won the Q-Stix All India 6Reds Open Tournament 2021 after defeating his statemate Mayank Sarin 5-2.

Shoaib was in good form and quickly pocketed the first two frames with ease scoring 43-10, 39-21. The third frame was a setback for him that he lost 26-38. Though he maintained his steam and won the next two frames scoring 46-18, 49-19 to cement his lead.

Mayank attempted a recovery by winning the sixth frame 39-07 but after that Shoaib closed the proceedings by winning the seventh frame and match-winning frame 34-07.

The reigning National Junior champion Digvijay Kadian of Haryana scored the highest break of the tournament with his total clearance of 6Reds maximum (75).

Junaid Ahmed was the Cheif Referee of the entire Championship.