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Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

19 April 2021 Written By Vivek Pathak


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Cue Sports India is proud to have completed 15 years of success and excellence to serve Cue Sport in India and to popularise our sport amongst every section of the society. On this auspicious occasion, we cherish our association with all of you and we take this opportunity to warmly thank you for your standing and supporting us all the time.

Currently, we all are passing through a very tough phase of our life where we all are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. Cue Sports India requests all of you to stay safe and strictly follow all the protocols set by our Governments and health departments.

Although the time is disappointing and our all sporting activities have come to a halt, we very well know that this phase is temporary and a new chapter of life with many more opportunities are waiting for us on the other side of this pandemic time. The only requirement, we all have to stay safe.

Briefly, we would like to share that Cue Sports India was established on 19th April 2006. The journey that started 15 years ago, been thru many phases but the force that makes us keep moving to this endeavor is - WE LOVE OUR SPORT. 

We fulfilled the dreams of a cueist to come out from parlour regime and perform in States, National, and even at international levels. Our efforts to bring awareness about this sport have already been turned into a movement where players are moved from time-passers to serious methodical performers.

There were days when cueists went through many challenges, including a lack of proper information. The challenge we accepted and thru Cue Sports India it has become much easier for everyone to get real-time information.

Many initiatives of Cue Sports India worked as a ‘trailblazer’. A trail that is being followed by many, helping Indian cueists in so many ways.

Our Ranking system emerged as an excellent program. This program helped cueist to know their actual standing and motivates them to perform better to move forward.

We also started the annual felicitation of International achievers. This is not only a way to thank our achievers but also showcase Cue Sports’ contribution of international medals amongst all sports in India.

It’s been a long journey. We thank you once again for being with us over the years. We're delighted to still be here and to be able to support you all by improving ourselves and developing the best relations with YOU.

Here’s to the next many more years!