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Team India for the World and Asian Championships

20 February 2022 Written By CSI News Desk


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The World Snooker Championships for the year 2021 for Men, Women and Under-21 Boys; and the Asian Championships for the year 2022 for Men & Women Snooker and Men Billiards will be played in Doha, Qatar during March 2022.

The schedule for these championships are as follows:

  • 01 - 05 March: World Women and Under-21 Boys Snooker
  • 02 - 07 March: Asian Women Snooker
  • 01 - 11 March: World Men Snooker
  • 12 - 16 March: Asian Men Snooker
  • 16 - 19 March: Asian Men Billiards

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The team that will represent India in these events are: 
World Under-21 Boys:
Digvijay Kadian, Kreishh Gurbaxani

World Women Snooker:
Amee Kamani, Varshaa Sanjeev, Vidya Pillai

Asian Women Snooker:
Amee Kamani, Anupama Ramachandran, Varshaa Sanjeev

World Men Snooker:
Pankaj Advani, Aditya Mehta, Laxman Rawat

Asian Men Snooker:
Pankaj Advani, Ishpreet Singh, Malkeet Singh

Asian Men Billiards:
Pankaj Advani, Dhruv Sitwala, Brijesh Damani

The Coach for the entire Indian team is Sonic Multani