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India retains World 6Red Snooker title; S. Shrikrishna did it for India

04 October 2022 Written By CSI News Desk


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S. Shrikrishna has become the World 6Red Snooker Champion for the year 2022 and retained the title for India that was won in the last edition by Laxman Rawat. The championship was played here in Kuala Lumpur where 22 year old Shrikrishna completely whitewashed the other finalist from Bahrain, Habib Sabah 5-1 in a one-sided best of 9 frames final.

Repeating his tremendous form that he showed yesterday during the semi-final match, Shrikrishna mesmerized the audience with his characteristic blistering attack from the word go.

First frame saw Shrikrishna going ahead with a lead of 25 points with only 22 points remaining on the table. Habib needed one snooker to return to the game but in spite of many attempts couldn't trap Shrikrishna who kept on breaking the snooker and ultimately cleared from brown ball onwards to win the 1st frame.

A missed long shot by Shrikrishna offered Habib a good opening. With careful planning Habib  executed a break of 37. Failing to make a comeback Shrikrishna conceded the frame when he required two snooker.

In the third frame a desperate long pot attempt by Habib on first visit allowed Shrikrishna to see again in phenomenal form who cleared the table with a delectable break of 63. Leading 2-1 Shrikrishna continued his attack with utmost precision and high success rate of potting and clinching the frame comfortably.

In the fourth frame, Shrikrishna with the help of tactical game with a mix of potting and safety play went ahead with a small and useful run to lead 3-1. With brilliant cuemanship and precise positioning Shrikrishna continued his assault in the 5th frame with an amazing long pull back on red followed by yet another match winning break of 45 executed in a whirlwind fashion.

By that time Habib was completely rattled and made another mistake of attempting a no-need long pot and offered Shrikrishna another opening.

Shrikrishna made no mistake at that juncture and unfolded his vast repertoire of strokes, worked his way through to make another frame and match winning break of 39.

The medals ceremony was graced by Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Ahmad Faizal Azumu alongwith President IBSF Mr. Mubarak Al-Khayarin, Vice President IBSF Mr. Jim Leacy, President Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation Mr. Melvin Chia

On Record: Shrikrishna made it to top 8 of the Asian 6 Reds Snooker Championship in the same venue last week. He is also reigning National 6Reds Snooker Champion (2021) and has won the National Billiards Championship in the year 2019.