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BSFI AGM Elects Office Bearers for the next tenure 2022-26

29 October 2022 Written By CSI News Desk


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The Billiards and Snooker Federation of India has today elected their new office bearers for the next tenure i.e, 2022-26.

At the AGM after complete election process, these seven officer bearers stayed unopposed and are now appointed for the posts of President, Four Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer.

Mr. S. Balasubramaniam, who was Secretary till 2018, is now the Preisent of BSFI.

Mr. Sunil Morajkar and Mr. Vijay Goel are continuing as Vice President from the previous committee.

Mrs. Ashwini Puranik (Madhya Pradesh) and Mr. Vanlalnghaka (Mizoram) are the new faces introduced in the new committee as next two Vice Presidents.

Mr. Sunil Bajaj and Mr. H.R. Rathan Kumar also continuing on the positions of Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next tenure 2022-26.