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Billiards & Snooker Table

The Standard Billiards Table’s playing area within the cushion is 11’8½” x 5’10” and height from the floor to the top of the cushion 2’9½”.

There are pockets at each corner of the table (two at the Spot end known as the top pockets and two at the Baulk end known as the bottom pockets) and one each at the middle of the longer sides (known as the center pockets). The size of the pocket should be as approved by Worlds Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

Baulk-line and Baulk: A straight line drawn 29” from the face of the bottom cushion and parallel to it is called the Baulk-line and that line and the intervening space is termed the Baulk.

"D" is a semi-circle described in Baulk with its center at the middle of the Baulk-line and with a radius of 11½”.

Spots: Four spots are marked on the center longitudinal line of the table and are termed as:

  • Spot [12¾” from top cushion]
  • Centre Spot exactly in the midway from all corners of the table
  • Pyramid Spot exactly in the middle of top cushion and Centre Spot
  • One exactly in the middle of Baulk line
  • One each at both ends of the diameter of D
  • This all comprises a standard Billiards or Snooker Table

NB. In Snooker the spots indicated above are termed as Black Spot, Blue Spot, Pink Spot, Brown Spot, Green Spot (towards left-hand side spot of D), and Yellow Spot (towards right-hand side of D)