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15th China Guangzhou Billiards Exhibition

12 January 2021 Written By Vivek Pathak


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China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition will return to China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from 10-12 May this year. 

The Committee of GBE has been insisting on exhibition promotion by On-Site Visits since last June. They visited LP, Master Cue, Unique, Riley Wiraka, Shender, KMK Sports, Benxiao, Billee, Biaoli, Supervisions, Deleyer, Haosen, Red Sun, Leda, Lego, Lingchao, Mejja, Meilin, Quanxing, Rongfa, Gentlesheep, Fashion, Weichster, Hongnju, Jiaheng, Jiaji, etc. All of them think that GBE is a very good platform, which has always been promoting the development and communication of the Billiard industry and played a very good role as a bridge.

This week, GBE has started on their site visits of first-tier billiard rooms to distribute entry tickets of GBE2021, from which they have got a better understanding of the current operating conditions.

Keep an eye out for this big event to come. The GBE exhibition will present you with a prosperous industry gathering even during the epidemic in May 2021.

More details on GBE Website: http://www.gbechina.com/index.php?lang=en