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Best buddies grab top slots for the National Billiards 2021

21 December 2021 Written By CSI News Desk


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Best buddies of CueSports, the man with the golden cue, Pankaj Advani and the two consecutive time Asian Billiards champion, Dhruv Sitwala capitalized winner and runners-up position of the National Billiards Championship 2021 that ended yesterday in the City of Lakes, Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. 

The defending champion Pankaj Advani succeeded in defending his title by winning the final match against Dhruv 5-2. 

Despite being best buddies, they both played cut-throat finale where Sitwala set the tone of the final with breaks of 65 and 42 in the first frame and then Pankaj responded with breaks of 56 and 46 in second to level the match.

Dhruv forged ahead by pocketing the third game with a break of 84. He continued his momentum in the next game too to take a 3-1 lead with a break of 101 but fell short by 6 points and Advani chalked up the recovery with a classy break of 127 and levelled the match once again.

That was the touch Pankaj looked for and after that, he entered into a different zone and posted two unfinished breaks of 150 each in the next two frames to lead 4-2. Yet Dhruv didn’t give up and posted another break of 134 but again fell short by 9 points, which Pankaj cleared up with another unfinished break of 148 to take the game and title as well.

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Match Score: 5-2 (53(42)-152(65-42), 150(56,46)-04, 43-151(84), 151(127)-101(101), 150(150)-00, 150(150)-35, 151(148)-141(134))