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UP Open Handicap Snooker Tournament 2020
The Green Baize, Faizabad Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
(Under the auspices of Uttar Pradesh Cue Sports Association)



Last Date of Entry 16 December 2020
Registration Fee INR 1000

Registration Details

Entry Fee 1000

Contact Details

Akshay Kumar +91979068147
Rajeev Tilara +919451951795




  • Entry via SMS only to Akshay Kumar: +91 8979068147
  • Entries only for the residents of Uttar Pradesh
  • Entries Strictly Full Name (No Pinku, Tinku, Billu, etc.)


  • Winner - 25% of the total entry fee
  • Runner up - 14% of the total entry fee
  • Semi-Finalist - 8% of the total entry fee
  • Quarter-Finalist - 5% of the total entry fee


  1. All players participating in the tournament shall be playing with one of the following handicaps. Scratch, +8, +16, +24, +32. No other handicap will be given.

  2. U.P. Top 4 shall not participate & #5 to #16 as per 2015 Rankings will play scratch.

  3. The tournament shall be played in a knockout format. Best of 5 till semi-finals.

  4. In case if a player requires more than 3 snooker at a color stage, the frame will be awarded to the player with the lead except in the decider frame.

  5. No foul and miss will be called on players with +32, 1 for +24, 2 for +16 handicap players, 4 for +8 handicap players and unlimited for scratch players throughout the tournament.

  6. No referees shall be provided till the quarter-final stage.

  7. All entries are accepted on a first come first serve basis and no entries shall be accepted after the last date of entry.

  8. The tournament committee has the right to change:

    i) any player by any waitlisted player.

    ii) the playing table of any match if the need is there. No objections shall be entertained.

    iii) the playing time of any match if the need is there. No objections shall be entertained.

  9. Dress Code shall be casuals but no torn jeans, no chapels or sandals, no multi-colored t-shirts shall be allowed.

  10. No smoking or use of any form of pan masala will be allowed inside the club at the time of the tournament. If any player plays under the influence of any intoxicant including alcohol he shall be barred from the tournament.

  11. All players are expected to behave like gentlemen and play the game in a sportsman fashion.

NB: This tournament is being organized by Lucknow Cue Sports Association, Lucknow, and has nothing to do with Cue Sports India. This site is only sharing information about the tournament with interested participants/ spectators/ fans of cue sports on request from Lucknow Cue Sports Association, Lucknow,. The website will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of this information and the material contained in this website. However, information is as available with this website, and is requested to verify the information before you act upon it by calling the concerned one. Please note maintaining proper SOP under Government Guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic is the responsibility of the organizer and respective club/venue owner.